Bream & Bear Storage

Bear Mountain is committed to delivering a quality apple that is crunchy and full of flavor. Treating the apples with *MCP and storing them in a *controlled atmosphere (CA) storage helps guarantee freshness and can allow apple season to be extended into late spring.

* Definitions Below

Bream & Bear Storage is a partnership between Bream Orchards & Bear Mountain Orchards providing CA storage for our orchards, the orchards in Adams County, and those in surrounding communities.

The first storages, consisting of eight rooms with a total capacity of 350,000 bushels, were built in 2010. In 2014, the storage capacity doubled with an additional eight rooms.

Rental space is available for both Controlled atmosphere and regular storage.

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Controlled Atmosphere Storage: A sealed storage area or room where oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, humidity and temperature are regulated to maintain freshness. 

MCP: A gas used to slow the ripening process.